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100% free, Space LegalTech is a working tool to use and familiarize yourself with the current and future national space law environment.

Created by the Sirius Chair, Space LegalTech now benefits from the support of PwC and its dedicated Space Practice to deliver insights on the Space legal and regulatory framework at a global level.

Space LegalTech is a platform in constant evolution, and you can expect updates and new features to be regularly added !

Today, the Corpus Juris Spatialis successfully addresses general principles of exploration and use of outer space but it struggles to keep up with the development of outer space activity.

After half a century of maintaining legal order in the space sector, the Outer Space Treaty (OST) now fails to satisfy the requirements of space operations' long-term sustainability. It is indeed challenged by the growth of both privatization and national regulation.

On one hand, space law is gradually shifting towards profit-oriented dynamics marked by globalization and civilian applications of space technology. On the other hand, international responsibility and liability under the OST compels states to adopt national legislation to ensure strict adherence of domestic space activity with international public law principles.

However, the OST contains deliberate omissions with respect to several fundamental or precise provisions. This leads to a rather heterogeneous mosaic situation illustrated by a varying degree of national space policy implementation and state activity.

Hence, in order to fill the gap, national space legislation inherits a highly technical burden covering crucial aspects such as licensing and supervision of space activities, mandatory insurance, responsibility, liability, space debris mitigation and environmental matters.

In this context, it is important to track national legislation trends and to map them accordingly for fostering insight and foresight.

For this reason, the SIRIUS Chair has developed an interactive mindmapping platform as a working space legal tech tool for you to use and familiarize yourself with the current and future national space law situation. Please note that for our purposes, we categorized space legislation or regulation that addresses mainly space activity (authorization, launching, registration, space objects control and safety, etc.) and not scientific research.

Although some states appear rather inactive at the moment, it is worthwhile to keep them on our radar for any future evolution.