National space agency

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency


Space ports

Tanegashima Space Center
Uchinoura Space Center

Space laws

Dec. 13, 2002
The Law concerning Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Law No. 161 of 13th December 2002)
Authorization and licensingState strategic interest
Dec. 25, 1984
Telecommunications Business Law (TBL), Law No. 86 of December 25, 1984), as amended last by: Law No. 125 of July 24, 2003
Satellite Communications
June 23, 1969
Law Concerning The National Space Development Agency of Japan (Law No. 50 of June 23, 1969, as amended)
State strategic interest
May 2, 1950
Radio Law, Law No. 131 of May 2, 1950), as amended last by Law No. 21 of 2005
Satellite Communications
Basic Space Law, or Fundamental Act of Outer Space (Law No.43, 2008 of 28 May 2008)
Authorization and licensing
The Satellite Remote-Sensing Act
Ground segment operation Data ManagementEarth Observation/Remote Sensing
The Space Activities Act
Authorization and licensingState strategic interest Data Management
June 1, 2009
"Basic Plan for Space Policy", 2009
Earth Observation/Remote SensingSatellite Communications